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What Lies Within

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Title: What Lies Within
Author: Jamie Cortland
Release Date: 12/15/14
Genre:  Romantic suspense

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“What Lies Within” by Wesleyan McCallister,writing as Jamie Cortland

Evelyn Valentino, still halfway in love with her super-star ex-husband,
meets James McMann, a handsome and charismatic builder in Paradise
Valley, Arizona. Meeting him in a coffee shop, she is immediately taken
with him while her young daughter calls him “Mr. Stranger Danger.”

Swept away by James and his incredible charm, she is taken on a whirlwind
courtship. Warned by her parents and friends to go slowly, she ignores them.
Caught in his trap, he drops his mask and Evelyn discovers he is not the
man of her dreams, but the hideous creature of her nightmares. Her only
thought is to escape.

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“What Lies Within”

by Jamie Cortland

Excerpt from Chapter 22

Moonlight flooded into the room, highlighting a man's figure as he stood
in front of the sliding glass door that led to the swimming pool.
Her hand flew to cover her heart. Hadn't she locked the sliding glass door?
If she had, she evidently hadn't set the alarm, or he'd by-passed it.
He moved toward her.
She froze. Opening her mouth to scream, her voice cracked.
He laughed, a high-pitched hysterical laugh.
Her heart pounded, her vision blurred. She screamed. Turning, she kicked her stiletto heels off and ran.The sound of his footsteps behind her quickened her pace. Crash! A heavy thud sounded. Maybe he tripped and fell.

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Weslynn McCallister
Pseudonym: Jamie Cortland-Suspense novels
                   Wes Alistair-Metaphysical books

Weslynn McCallister was born in Evansville, Indiana, but raised in
Roswell, New Mexico. Today, she lives in Southwest Florida near the Gulf
of Mexico.
Educated in the fine arts, her hobby is ballroom dancing. She also
enjoys traveling, photography and boating. Her careers have included fashion
modeling, real estate sales and design.
An award winning poet as well as a novelist, she has been published in
many literary magazines. Some of her works are “Apache Springs” which won
an award at the Florida Writer's Association Conference, “ Wyatt's Deck,”
“Prophecies of the Ancients”, “Romancing the Zodiac,” “Timing is Everything-
Book Two. To read more about Weslynn and her works, please go to

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