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The Bondage Club Blog Tour

Title: The Bondage Club
Author: Alexandrea Weis
Release Date: July 29 2014
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

A man looking for a new beginning.
Hunter Donovan is a writer who dreamed of penning the great American novel but settled for a job running the family business, Donovan Books. Trapped publishing other people’s stories, Hunter buries his frustrations in vodka and an endless parade of one-night stands.  
A woman with a secret.
Cary Anderson is the perky, petite, and staunchly determined editor who is well versed in erotica fiction.  But Cary has a kinky side that she is struggling to keep hidden from the world.
Fed up with dwindling sales, Hunter hopes to breathe new life into his publishing house by breaking into the risqué world of erotica. He hires Cary to rescue his company and she is keen to show her new boss everything she knows. But what starts out as a lesson in sexual fiction turns into an unexpected roller coaster ride of disastrous romantic encounters. And just when Cary helps stir Hunter’s creative voice, he uncovers the truth about her wicked ways.
Some ties that bind can cut right to the heart in…The Bondage Club.      

 is an advanced practice registered nurse who was born and raised in New Orleans.  Having been brought up in the motion picture industry, she learned to tell stories from a different perspective and began writing at the age of eight. Infusing the rich tapestry of her hometown into her award-winning novels, she believes that creating vivid characters makes a story memorable. A permitted/certified wildlife rehabber with the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries, Weis rescues orphaned and injured wildlife. She lives with her husband and pets in New Orleans.

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The Agency by Jessica Page

Release Date: July 15 2014
Genre: (Adult Fiction) Paranormal Romance

I sat silently, watching Agent Doyle’s bicep flex beneath his tight shirt as he sipped his coffee. We were holed up in some twenty-four-hour diner he’d recommended, which worked for me because I was starting to get hungry now that the meds were working and my headache was subsiding. Since taking the meds the doctor had given me I was having a harder time not listening to others’ thoughts. Even with my full effort to keep from hearing them I was still getting traces of them here and there. I knew this was a touchy issue for him, so I figured I should let him know what was happening so he would try to shield the things he didn’t want me to know.
“Agent Doyle, I’m not quite feeling back to normal, and I wanted you to be warned that I might catch glimpses of your thoughts unintentionally. The medication is making it a little hard for me to control my ability at the moment, so please try to refrain from thinking about things you don’t want me to know.” I sat back, watching him closely. “I’m sorry,” I added, feeling guilty, which was a little absurd given the fact that I couldn’t help it at the moment. I might not agree with his approach to me, but I did totally understand his apprehension and dislike of me invading his privacy.
“First off, please call me Reid. Unless we are in an official capacity, then we will need to address each other formally as Agent. Secondly, you have nothing to be sorry for. I would rather you didn’t have access to my thoughts, but given the circumstances I understand and respect you for being honest with me about it. I know what it is like to have to work hard to maintain control over an ability, and managing like you have must be incredibly hard. I want you to know I appreciate and thank you for your efforts in blocking me out all the time. I’m sorry I’ve been so difficult in that regard, it’s just…well…there are certain things I’d rather you not know.”
I was trying to formulate some sort of reply but I kept coming up empty, I didn’t know what to say. It was odd enough having him talking to me at all, but for him to be nice and pay me compliments on top of everything else was like the equivalent of seeing a dog walk on its hind legs. You know it can happen, but it’s weird every time you see it. Lucky for me the waitress perkily interrupted, giving the distraction I was looking for.
“What can I get you?” She asked, chewing her gum annoyingly loud while perking up her “Ashley” nametag situated on her rather large chest. She was clearly trying to get Reid’s attention, which was probably something that I would have to deal with a lot given that he was incredibly sexy.
“Scrambled eggs and rye toast,” I ordered, watching her jot down my order on her notepad without so much as a glance in my direction. These were the moments I was thrilled I could read minds; I let my shield down, opening my mind to hers.
Sure enough, her thoughts were dripping of him. I could slip him a note letting him know where to find me after my shift. I mean, this girl he’s with is not even close to being cute enough for him.
I smirked, trying my hardest not to burst into laughter at her persistence, while Reid was watching me curiously.
“Lumberjack breakfast with sausages,” he offered without taking his eyes off me. She lingered by the table a bit longer, still trying to get his attention, but gave up mumbling
something inaudible as she stalked back to the kitchen. He cocked an eyebrow at me. “What are you thinking about?”
“You have an admirer. She doesn’t feel that I’m up to your standards,” I replied, laughing.
He laughed this great, throaty laugh. “And you would know this how?”
“Oh please! You don’t need abilities to know that but…they do help,” I scoffed, smiling wickedly.
“Well she’s young. The young ones are always easier to get. But she’s also wrong.” He laughed again.
“Wrong about what?” I asked, curious and a little confused.
“About you not being attractive enough; that’s just jealousy talking.”
I felt my faced flush at his compliment. “So it is true, then, that vampires eat real food. I didn’t quite believe that when I read it in the vampire facts 101,” I rambled, trying to change the subject because the conversation was heading into uncomfortable territory, and I didn’t want to keep blushing like an idiot.
“Yes, we do eat regular food too. Although someone somewhere down the line had knowledge of our existence, the movies fabricated a lot of things. And before you ask, I can’t fly or turn into a bat.”
“What about sparkling? Is there any sparkling involved? Please tell me there is,” I teased, knowing full well that the vamps I’d met thought that was the most ridiculous thing they had ever heard.
“No sparkling. But I do glow in the dark,” he said, sending us both into a fit of laughter. It was sadly the first time in all the time I’d spent with him that we actually laughed together.



My name is Jessica Page, I'm an aspiring author who may or may not have a minor addiction to reading novels (both YA and adult fiction), watching movies and television series, especially ones that have vampires, werewolves, and/or steamy romances in the storyline.
I live in Northern Ontario Canada with my husband and pets where I spend my days working in a 'pencil-pushing paradise' but I find myself writing Adult and YA fiction whenever I have a free second which never quite feels like long enough... but given the fact that my retirement will not happen for a very long time I'll take what I can get in the meantime. I've always been an imaginative person (and admittedly probably a little neurotic) with a passion for good stories and characters and I'm thrilled (and anxious) to finally be sharing my writing beyond my computer's hard drive.

Follow Me on:
Twitter:  @JessicaPageAuth

Bella's Point by Elizabeth Seckman

Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: 7/23/14


Isabella Troy Stanley is a divorced, slave freeing pariah surviving in the shattered post Civil War south the only way a fallen debutante knows how. She heads to a Yankee prison and buys herself a husband.

Jack Byron is the former Troy plantation stable boy and object of young Bella’s affection. He rejected her then, and he’s still not sold on the idea of marrying her now. Sure, she’s pretty, but he remembers too well how even a glance in her direction got a man of his standing ridden out of town with a semi-friendly warning. No, Jack’s more sensible now, not to mention he might still be betrothed to another woman.

It’s complicated.

Though to Bella, it’s simple: make Jack love her, marry her, and live happily ever after. The plan seems to work…at least until her secret is revealed.

Elizabeth is a wife, a mom, and a writer. She has four wonderful boys, one dusty house, and three published books to her credit. Feel free to check them out and buy them HERE! Erm, the books, not the kids or the house...though all things in life are negotiable ;)

You can find her here - Blog // Facebook // Twitter // Website

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Re-release blitz for Surrender To Me by Monica James July 24 & 25

Ava Thompson left her one true love, Jasper White, to unearth her destiny. It was the only way for Ava to grow into the woman she’s always wanted to become. 

Sadly, that destiny has led her back to the place that broke her … Singapore.

And more importantly, it has led her back to the man who broke her … Harper.

Ava is no longer the scared, lost girl she once was. She is stronger and determined to accomplish her dreams in order to find happiness. Hopefully, at the end of it all, she will return into the loving arms of Jasper White. 

Six months later, Ava travels back to Los Angeles for an event that embraces the true meaning of love. Sadly for Ava, her meaning of true love has been lost. 

Los Angeles is not how Ava left it. Things have changed. People have changed. She has changed. However, what has remained untouched is her passionate love for Jasper White. 

But does Jasper feel the same?

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Author Bio
Monica James spent her youth devouring the works of Anne Rice, William Shakespeare and Emily Dickinson.

When she is not writing, Monica is busy running her own business, but she always finds a balance between the two. 

She enjoys writing honest, heartfelt and turbulent stories, hoping to leave an imprint on her readers, and her inspiration comes from every day life. She is an Amazon best selling author in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Monica James resides in Melbourne, Australia, with her wonderful family, and menagerie of animals.

She is slightly obsessed with cats, chucks and lip gloss, and secretly wishes she was a ninja on the weekends.

Contact Monica

Other Books by Monica James
Singapore has stolen a piece of Ava Thompson.

It took one life shattering moment for her to realize her ex-boyfriend is not the man she believed him to be. Returning home to Los Angeles was never going to be easy for Ava, as her heart has been shattered to smithereens and she’s convinced it’ll never heal. Or, so she thought.

Enter Jasper White.

Unbeknown to Ava, he will change her life forever.

The attraction is instantaneous, which troubles Ava, who has sworn off men indefinitely. Yet, she is finding resisting Jasper—with his tousled bedroom hair and piercing cerulean eyes—harder than she ever imagined. That’s because Jasper knows what he wants … and he wants her.

Can Ava surrender to her feelings for the one man who compels her to love again? What happens if love isn’t enough?

Mia Lee has a secret… 

A secret she’s kept hidden since she was eight years old, however, Mia will no longer allow that secret to define her. 

An irrevocable decision has left Mia Lee a fugitive and on the run—a circumstance that should leave her weak and scared, yet Mia has never felt so alive.

Under the pseudonym of Paige Cassidy, Mia is ready to live the life she’s never had, and she’s determined not to allow her tainted past dictate her promising future. 

Paige is on a Greyhound bus heading from L.A. to South Boston, Virginia, to start a new life. A life that includes finding her mother, who abandoned her at age three. But what she finds, is four people, who will change her life forever.

Yet no one can outrun their past…

Especially one filled with bitter memories, which refuse to remain hidden.

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