Thursday, August 15, 2013

A must have! Great companion to the Crossroads Saga

When a massive group of angels known as nephilim—half human, half angel—had been found by the Royal Council, they were taken to Halo City. Instead of cleansing the Earth with a flood, which had been done before, the Royal Council created a place just for this group of angels. While they were being taken, one of the Twelve, Aden, rebelled and convinced many of the new alkins to join his cause—to live freely among the humans and take over Crossroads.
 After the fall of Aden and his followers, Michael was taken to Halo City to heal. Not only did Michael have a difficult time settling into his new environment, he had conflicting issues regarding his past. Upon meeting the alkins, one in particular, Davin, refused to give up on helping him deal with his struggles. Together, they discovered a strange being that would appear at the Crossroads at unexpected times. Souls wandering there was nothing new, but this one aged as time passed. Mystified, they both searched for answers while refraining from telling the Twelve about her. Who was this being that had enraptured Michael’s attention? And will Michael finally forgive himself and find the happiness that he yearned to have?

“Halo City” Book Review
By Mary Ting

Halo City Novella helps understand Michael a better. We get to see how he becomes the leader of the alkins and how he and Davin, Vivian & Caleb become friends. We also get to see through Michael's point of view when he first saw Claudia and fell for her. I personally love Davin, his jokes, his playfulness, & mischievous ways. I like how this Novella translates into the first book in the series. Well done Mary Ting. 

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