Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Book for Mary Ting

Hello Crossangels! Crossroads Saga author Mary Ting has a new adult book coming out on July 24th under the pen name M. Clarke. The book is called Something Great. Please help in supporting her by liking her Facebook page. Here is the link
Eternity book 4 of Crossroads Saga will be released at the end of August. 
Thanks for your Support, Angel hugs!


  1. I still have to read the rest of The Crossroads series. I am in love with Crossroads and I knew there were more books, I am trying to put them in order :) I want to go from 1 book to the next~I also have "Something Great" which I will read soon, because "Something Wonderful" will be out in Feb. 2014

  2. Hello Lora & thank you for following my blog. Yes, Crossroads series are also my favorite books. Incase you don't know the Crossroads series in order they go by "Crossroads", "Between", "Beyond" & "Eternity". She also has "From Gods" about the descendants of the greek gods, which came out this year and just re-released it with new cover. Happy Readings!