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Kallos Series by Khelsey Jackson

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This weekend I had the pleasure of reading to wonderful books in a series entitled 'Kallos Series'. The first of the two that I read is 'Acidalia: The Beginning of Kallos'. It was a very short novellette; however, it did shed a bit of light on some of the past that two of the main characters in this book, Sean and Ian, have suffered from and why they are who they are today. Here is my review of this book below I gave it four stars.

A Beautiful Beginning, February 18, 2013
This review is from: Acidalia: The Beginning of Kallos (Kindle Edition)
This was a beautiful beginning to the next chapter in the lives of Sean and Ian. It was also a great introduction for Kallos. Although it was a bit heartwarming for such a short story, ARCidalphia gave a bit of insight as to what the two brothers have had to go through while awaiting the arrival of their soul mate and true love. I truly enjoyed reading this novella and went straight into Kallos from there. Well done on a greAt introduction Khelsey Jackson! ~AC Wright (WaAr)~

The second book that I read was, of course, 'Kallos'. I loved this book because of its modern day twist on the Greek Mythological Goddess and Gods, Aphrodite, Aries and Apollo. I found myself engulfed with the idea that these characters, Kallos, Ian and Sean would care for and even love each other so deeply that they would go to any lengths of pain for one another, no questions asked, and in such a short amount of time.

This book begins by stepping into the life of a shy sixteen year old girl by the name of Kallos, which in Greek means 'beauty'. The name proves to be very fitting because beautiful is exactly what this young lady is, inside and out. As she begins her first day of school with her father being the new principal, nonetheless, she finds herself literally bumping head first into one of the Hunter brothers, Ian to be exact. Before she knows it she has completely swooned over him and is embarrassed beyond measure and glad that she can go to her first class to avoid further humiliation of herself. That is until she finds out that Ian is also in the same class with her and seems to be just as taken with her as she is with him, with his amazingly crystal blue eyes and jet black hair and a smile that makes her weak in the knees. 
Of course then there is Sean....oh Sean. It seems that he would be a bit complicated because he is none other that the rugged bad boy of this story. He is the leather jacket, ripped jeans, shoulder length blonde hair guy that makes you stare due to being rendered speechless guy that your mom always warned you about and your dad swore he'd kill if he ever stepped one foot on your doorstep. Yep, that would be Sean. Except he has a heart made of pure gold and would do anything and everything in his power protect, honor, love, heal and save the woman he loves from anything that would ever dare to even think about harming her.
Both brothers are amazing, but Kallos is only supposed to have one soul mate and it is going to be one of these brothers....or is she? While reading this I definitely became attached to one character more than the other as I'm sure you will too once you begin reading it. Don't be so sure of who it will be though until you've read it all the way through. Because just when you think your heart is set on one, then you think you may be rooting for the other. Here is my review of 'Kallos' I gave it five stars. I do hope you enjoy this book as much as I have and I plan on reading everyone of the books in this series.

A Modern Day Romance at its Best, February 18, 2013
This review is from: Kallos (Kallos Series) (Kindle Edition)
'I received this book from the author in return of an honest review.'
'Kallos' is a beautiful mythical romance with a modern day twist. I thoroughly enjoyed it. After reading ARCidalphia I was absolutely rooting for one of the main characters in this book. In which are Sean and Ian, two brothers that are the reincarnates of the mythical gods, Aries and Apollo. They have waited sixteen years for their own Aphrodite, in which comes in the form of a beautiful unsuspecting Kallos Dean. I was amazed at the capacity and depth of love that these characters have for each other in such a quick amount of time. Everything they had to go through with and for one another just shows how committed they are to one another and it only draws them closer together. I must say that the more I read, the more I found myself rooting for the other team. I won't tell you who that team is for fear of ruining this wonderful story for you; however, I will tell you it's probably not who you think it is. If you haven't read it yet, go get it now and start reading. You won't regret it! Well done Khelsey Jackson!
~AC Wright (WaAr)~

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